5 NFL Stats to Know Through Week 17

Todd Gurley and Jared Goff struggled in 2016. How bad were they, and what other stats should you know with the regular season in the rearview mirror?

Oh, what a ride it has been.

17 weeks down, and the 2016 NFL Regular season is a wrap. We witnessed some incredible moments along the way, both good and bad. Such as the New England Patriots setting the NFL record for fewest interceptions in a single season, with just two all year. And Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing six interceptions in just one game.

We also saw the Dallas Cowboys win nine more games than they did in 2015, while the Cleveland Browns got their only win of the season in Week 16.

Now, with the regular season over with and playoffs on the horizon, here are five stats to know -- both traditional and our advanced statistics, namely Net Expected Points (NEP) -- from the 17 weeks of the regular season.