Fantasy Football: Top 5 Waiver-Wire Acquisitions of the 2016 Season

These players weren't fantasy starters in Week 1, but they ended up on a lot of championship teams.

Fantasy football championship teams aren't solely built on strong drafts. Roster moves and lineup decisions throughout the season go a long way in determining how successful a team is.

It doesn't hurt to have a little luck, too -- especially when it comes to having players that avoid major injury.

You might be surprised, though, at how many fantasy teams win titles because of one key acquisition during the season. Finding that breakout player or emerging star isn't always easy, but it can put a team over the top.

Unexpected players become stars every year in the NFL, and this season was no different.

With that in mind, here are five players who weren't on many fantasy squads when Week 1 kicked off, but ended up in many fantasy championship lineups.