5 NFL Stats to Know Through Week 16

There's only one week of games left to go in the NFL regular season. Before Week 17 kicks off, here are five facts you should know.

Whoa! That was fast.

16 weeks down and we are now just 1 week away from the end of the 2016 NFL regular season. Hopefully, you are in the midst of celebrating a fantasy championship, or perhaps even rejoicing over the Cleveland Browns winning their first game.

They're still the NFL's worst team, though, as the San Francisco 49ers picked up their second win of the season. This was the first time since Week 12 of the 2014 season that both the Browns and 49ers won in the same week.

But it wasn't all smiles, as the Buffalo Bills lost this season's 13th overtime game and Rex Ryan became the third head coach fired in 2016.

Before we move on to Week 17, here are five stats to know -- both traditional and our advanced statistics, namely Net Expected Points (NEP) -- from the first 16 weeks of the regular season.