8 Fantasy Football Sleepers for Week 15

If your fantasy season is still alive, it's time to go all-out every week.

There's not a lot of value left in stashing players in hopes for success down the road -- you have one week, maybe two, for a stash to pan out, and if you let a move like that affect your starting lineup, you may be eliminated before you have the chance to deploy someone like Adrian Peterson.

You also can't afford to be especially picky, as with the exception of a couple of running backs and receivers, there are very few viable options left out there on the waiver wire for Week 15. If you have a hole in your starting lineup, looking at who's available is probably not a pleasant experience.

There are some players flying under the radar, though -- guys who may not look like viable fantasy options on the surface, but with a closer look, are actually pretty well-positioned. Let's take a look at eight of those players who may just make the difference between going home early and making it to your league's championship.