Market Share Report: Tyrell Williams Has Both Safety and Upside

Tyrell Williams' 14 targets Sunday continued to solidify his weekly floor, adding viability to a player who has already flashed major upside. Which other usages stuck out this week in fantasy football?

Flush it.

No, this is not the name of a trendy septic treatment company. It's our motto for whatever it was that happened in Week 12. The brown stuff hit the fan in a big way, and it's time to send that puppy out to sea.

Zero targets for Brandin Cooks? It's improbable, but it could happen. But what about four targets for Larry Fitzgerald while facing a team without its best cornerback? What about Sterling Shepard's goose egg despite playing 91% of the snaps? And then there's Antonio Gates, who was held without a target for the first time in 191 games.

We won't be wishing this turd of a week safe travels as it descends into the pipes, lost for eternity. Instead, we just recover whatever we can from the wreckage and move on to Week 13.

Weeks like this past one obviously happen, but they're rarities for a reason. That's because we can look at the usage of a player and -- more often that not -- predict what things will look like for that guy in the future. Even when things go haywire, there's still value in looking back to see what we can expect going forward.

We can accomplish this with the assistance of numberFire's DFS tools. They allow us to look at carry market shares, target market shares, and red-zone market shares over the past one, three, or five weeks to see who's trending up and who's on the verge of some big-time performances.

Week 12 sucked. But let's see what we can learn from it to help us avoid such disasters in the coming weeks.