8 NFL FanDuel Studs to Target in Week 12

As is the case when playing any sport on FanDuel, it’s imperative to hit on the high-priced players in your lineup. They require a big chunk of your salary, and when paying up for them, you shouldn’t have to worry about them letting your team down.

With this being a weekly article, we’ll start off by looking back at the previous week’s studs to see how we did.

We were hit hard by an injury to A.J. Green and a couple disappointing performances -- such as Cam Newton turning in just 12.38 FanDuel points on Thursday night -- but we did have a solid return from half of the studs.

Tom Brady was back to doing Tom Brady things and finished as the second-best quarterback of the week. Le'Veon Bell joined him as a top-three player at his position. Four players in the top nine at their position isn't a bad week, but we are aiming higher with our biggest investments.

Moving on to Week 12, here are eight studs who should prove to be worthy of their high price tag.