3 Daily Fantasy Football Players to Avoid in Week 11

Similar to the situation with David Johnson last week, LeGarrette Blount is a pivotal lineup decision this week. With the New England Patriots favored by 11 points against a San Francisco 49ers team that can't stop running backs, Blount is in an ideal spot in Week 11.

As such, Blount may see around 50% ownership. He'll be difficult to pass on in cash games, but in tournaments, things aren't as straightforward as there's a case to be made for fading him. Above, you can listen to our Jim Sannes and Brandon Gdula break down the Blount situation in a snippet from this week's Heat Check Podcast.

After you make a decision on Blount, you can assemble the rest of your lineup accordingly. When you get to that point, there are some players you may want to avoid in Week 11. Staying away from players who aren't in good situations can be just as important as finding the best plays. After all, one bad outing can sink a lineup.

With that said, here are three players you should avoid this week.