8 NFL FanDuel Studs to Target in Week 11

As is the case when playing any sport on FanDuel, it’s imperative to hit on the high-priced players in your lineup. They require a big chunk of your salary, and when paying up for them, you shouldn’t have to worry about them letting your team down.

With this being a weekly article, we’ll start off by looking back at the previous week’s studs to see how we did.

Aaron Rodgers and Ezekiel Elliott led the way as the top players at their respective positions, with Elliott actually putting up the highest FanDuel score of any running back this season. David Johnson joined them as another top-six player among the studs.

It wasn't great after those three. Despite passing for 315 yards, failing to throw a touchdown pass left Tom Brady with only the 22nd-most FanDuel points among quarterbacks. Julio Jones also had a solid outing with 18.50 FanDuel points, but that was only good enough for the 13th-best wide receiver performance of Week 10.

And three other studs -- Rob Gronkowski, Greg Olsen and Mike Evans -- also finished outside of the top-12 players at their position, which we will aim to correct going forward.

Moving on to Week 11, here are eight studs who should prove to be worthy of their high price tag.