Market Share Report: Christine Michael's Stock Takes a Hit

Christine Michael lost carries to rookie C.J. Prosise on Sunday, putting a dent in his fantasy football value. Which other players' situations changed in Week 8?

Never has one single game featured as much fantasy-driven angst as Sunday's bout between the New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks.

Both teams at one point in this season had fairly dependable backfield situations where you knew which players were getting the ball from one week to the next. Then, they took a sledgehammer to that certainty, cackled, and gave the double-barreled middle fingers as they gazed at the box scores of your fantasy matchups.

As if there weren't enough muddy backfields to deal with this season, two more jumped in that pool on Sunday. It forces us to wipe the vomit off our lips, saddle up those big-kid pants, and attempt to figure out what in the heck we're supposed to believe.

Thankfully, premium subscribers can help fight through this carnage using our new daily fantasy tools. These includes looks at fluctuations in carry market shares, target market shares, and red-zone market shares over the past one, three, and five games. This way, you'll be able to see whose usage is changing and potentially react to it before the results shine through on the field.

Let's go through each of these three categories to see which situations were noteworthy in Week 8, starting with the game that kick-started the madness.