The 10 Most Impactful Plays of Week 7

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​Honorable Mentions

So what is NEP? By adding down-and-distance value to standard box score information, we can see just how much each play and each team as a whole influence the outcome of games. If a player passes for five yards on 3rd-and-2, it means more to the game than it does on 3rd-and-10, and those plays should be valued accordingly. For more info on NEP, check out our glossary.

Each play has an NEP value. Each play also changes the win probability (WP) of the game. I factored those values together to see which plays were the most impactful to the moment on the field and the game as a whole.

Below were some exciting moments from the week with big value swings in one category, but didn’t cut it in the other.

10. Cincinnati Bengals power rusher Jeremy Hill breaks off a 74-yard touchdown rumble (WP: +12.52, NEP: +6.74).
9. With one second left, Atlanta Falcons kicker Matt Bryant misses the game-winning field goal (WP: +33.92, NEP: +5.00).
8. Kansas City Chiefs safety Daniel Sorensen intercepts New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, returning it 48 yards for a touchdown (WP: +13.25, NEP: +7.29).
7. Philadelphia Eagles kick returner Josh Huff brings back a kickoff 98 yards for a touchdown (WP: +14.59, NEP: +6.51).
6. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers gets hit by Chicago Bears linebacker Leonard Floyd inside the Green Bay five, fumbles, and Floyd scoops it for a score (WP: +18.00, NEP: +6.00).

Now onto the top-five plays of the week!