Market Share Report: Latavius Murray Rises From the Ashes

Murray returned from injury Sunday to score a pair of touchdowns while handling a majority of the workload in the backfield. Which other situations should we note from Week 7 for fantasy football?

Sometimes, your opponents in fantasy football save you from yourself. And bless those beautiful comrades for that.

Prior to his turf toe injury, I spent every waking minute trying to trade Latavius Murray. Whether it was a back-up tight end or a rookie wideout, they were in play if it meant I could unload his sagging workload.

It was the opposite for Jordan Howard. If I offered Odell Beckham, DeMarco Murray, and a reincarnated Priest Holmes, I'd get a very polite, "lol," in response.

Now, because the NFL is an ever-changing, impossible-to-predict beast, both of those situations would appear silly in retrospect. A player's fantasy value can swing radically based on his usage in just a single game.

These fluctuations happen all the time, and thankfully, premium members can track them using our new DFS tools. This includes trends in carry market shares, target market shares, and red-zone market shares. You can use these to spot early on when a player's role is changing, and that's exactly what we'll attempt to do today.

Let's go through all three of those aforementioned categories and discuss a few relevant situations. We'll see that it's not always a bad thing when your trade offers don't go through.