The 10 Most Impactful Plays of Week 4

Brian Quick broke onto the big-play scene with a 65-yard touchdown catch in Week 4.

Time is never on our side.

Whether it’s the game clock marching inevitably toward the final 0:00, rush hour bogging down your drive home from a long day of work, or the countless seconds and minutes (and hours) we waste looking up videos of cats in taco costumes doing tricks on the internet, the clock is almost always the enemy in our lives. We all make sacrifices to appease the great god of the clock -- be it less sleep, more coffee, or no fun at all -- so that we can get done in a day what we need to.

Some of our most impactful plays every week feature the nail-biters that tick down to the last second and win NFL teams a game in the dying moments of their game. In our top-10 this week there are three plays that dramatically swung the balance in the last seven minutes of their respective games, and these rankings come mainly due to the win probability shift that a late-game push has. In the NFL, crunch time is key, but in Week 4 there just wasn't enough time in these games for more teams to have major comebacks.

What were the most clutch plays of Week 4 by our Net Expected Points (NEP) metric and win probability shifts from numberFire Live?