The 10 Most Impactful Plays of Week 2

Janoris Jenkins scored the only touchdown for the New York Giants in Week 2, and it was impressive.

You know you’re having an exciting time when you lose your voice.

This week, I went to my local Green Bay Packers bar in Minneapolis -- the heart of Minnesota Vikings territory. We were shouting our faces off at the (from my perspective) debacle that unfolded in primetime Sunday Night Football, where Sam Bradford outdueled Aaron Rodgers handily. Cheers would erupt when the Packers made a play or the Vikings missed a pass. Screams of anguish wailed through the night with each Green Bay turnover. It was an exciting game to be sure, and I woke up with my badge of honor -- shot vocal cords -- to prove it.

There were plenty of moments throughout the entirety of Sunday that made fans leap out of their seats and shout, however. After another exciting week of NFL action, it’s a wonder that any of us can communicate verbally on Mondays when fall rolls around. We’re here to break down the math behind those moments, the expected points behind the excitement: just how amazing was each play this weekend?

What were the most impactful plays of Week 2 by our Net Expected Points (NEP) metric and win probability shifts from numberFire Live?