Week 1 Fantasy Football Defensive Streaming: Fly Eagles Fly

The Eagles' defense is set up for a big Week 1 performance against Robert Griffin III.

If you're reading this column, I imagine you probably waited until the final two rounds of your fantasy football draft to select a defense. Or perhaps you even bypassed the position to select a running back or wide receiver in case their value spiked over the final weeks of preseason.

If that was you, then congratulations! That was a smart move, but now it's time to find a defense, whether it's the team you drafted or not, with an appealing Week 1 matchup.

Every week throughout the season, we'll be combing the waiver wire to identify low-owned teams set up with a great matchup to give you an edge in your fantasy football contests. For this exercise, we'll be focusing on teams that are less than 50-percent owned on both ESPN and Yahoo. Our goal is to identify teams poised to finish as a top-12 scorer on that given week.

Without any further ado, let's find the teams that can help get your fantasy season started right with a Week 1 victory.