4 Wide Receivers Who Could Lose Significant Targets in 2016

These receivers carried a big load for their teams in the past, but they may lose opportunities in 2016.

Those who have played fantasy football for a long time know that one of the best predictors of future production from receivers is the number of targets a player receives. Without targets, a receiver simply can't produce.

But sometimes those targets directed at a receiver aren't guaranteed to be a constant year-over-year. Offensive philosophies can change with coaching changes, receivers can begin to age of out peak production, projected game scripts can go from more receiver-friendly to more running back-friendly, and new team members can significantly alter target distributions as well.

It's important to take stock of these changes to know who might be over-or-undervalued as you head into the fantasy football season.

So let's take a look at some of the receivers who may be in line for a significant reduction in targets in 2016.