5 Fantasy Football Implications Stemming From Tuesday's Crazy Injury News

Tuesday was a brutal day for injuries in the NFL. How do said injuries impact the fantasy football landscape going forward?

Tuesday was not a great day to be an NFL player.

With teams having to cut down to 75-man rosters yesterday afternoon, injury news started flying all across the board as players hit lists to exempt them from the count. The most gruesome was the season-ending injury to Teddy Bridgewater, but this sadness swept wide and far beyond the confines of Minnesota.

The long-term health of these players is wildly more important than anything to do with fantasy football. Still, the beat does go on. Season-long drafts have either just wrapped up or are set to go down in the near future, meaning we don't have much time to react to all of this news at once. As such, let's run down each of the biggest things we learned Tuesday and try to interpret what they mean for fantasy purposes.

Whether it's an end-of-the-bench type fantasy asset or your first-round pick, each bit of information we get this close to the season should influence how we weigh decisions during the draft. Here's how things look like they're shaking out following yesterday's laundry list of heartbreak.