7 Bold Fantasy Football Predictions About the Upcoming 2016 Season

Outliers happen every year in football. Which players could be exceptions to the rule in 2016?

Despite the word fire being in our name, we're not a site that spits hot take after hot take in order to get a rise out of our audience. We're as methodical and logical as we can be with our projections and articles. We try to give you reasonable analysis, not off-the-wall type stuff.

Here's the thing, though: outliers do exist in sports. Sometimes hot takes become straight-up facts. Sometimes the improbable happens. Sometimes a completely logical approach isn't enough.

Today, we'll look at some of these potential unlikely occurrences that could happen this season in fantasy football. And even though a systematic approach would never reach the conclusions made by our writers -- each bold prediction is being made by a different numberFire writer -- math is still heavily involved. Because data can still help us understand when outliers might occur.

So let's take a look at seven bold predictions for this upcoming fantasy season, yo.