5 Wide Receivers Being Selected Too Early in Fantasy Football Drafts

Which wide receivers are being overvalued in fantasy leagues this season?

Moving is an obnoxious but necessary function of life. I'm fortunate that I've been at my current residence for nearly three years to this point, but it's getting tough to handle downtown Minneapolis rent prices on a grad student budget.

My next place doesn't need anything fancy; I'll settle for counter space and having my living room separate from my bedroom.

I feel the same way looking at some wide receivers' fantasy football average draft position (ADP) this season as I do trying to find a new apartment: there are some interesting options if they were going at the right price, but in order to get them, I would have to pay an arm and a leg. Some of the fantasy wide receivers available this year make for really sexy, brag-worthy draft picks, but they have a little substance to back them up. These players are the most hype of the hype trains, the unnecessarily gauche walk-in closets and lavish apartment building poolrooms of the fantasy world.

Let's take a virtual tour of these wide receivers so you can see just what you don't like in a fantasy option.

Which wide receivers are being drafted way too high based on ADP?