5 Players You Should Reach for in Fantasy Football Drafts

Which players should you be willing to take a slight gamble on in fantasy football drafts this year?

If you play fantasy football like me, you spend a good part of July and August charting the average draft positions (ADP) of players you want to target and then figuring out how long you can hold off on drafting them depending on your best read of your leaguemates' tendencies.

Once that's settled, you can move forward with a draft plan.

And then it all hits the fan come draft day. Well, not always. Sometimes you do get that perfect draft. But more often than not, you're going to experience curveballs that throw you off your game.

Sometimes there are runs on positions at a faster rate than you anticipated. And sometimes your friend inexplicably has drafted two quarterbacks in the first 10 rounds, leaving the guy who gets to draft behind him getting stupid value at every turn.

Both of these scenarios require in-draft flexibility to know when you can wait later than you anticipated for more value, or have to pounce earlier than you thought you'd have to. And in those instances, I want to know who I value more than most do so I can be sure to get them on my squad.

So here's a list of players you should be willing to reach for if things just don't go as planned.