5 Must-Watch Games on College Football's Opening Weekend

With so many great games on tap, what should we be watching?

Huzzah! It's finally time for college football everyone.

Sure, sure -- Hawaii and California officially kicked off the season this past Friday. But, we all know the season hasn't fully begun until we get to plop down on a couch or bar stool somewhere and take in a full slate of games.

As great as it is to have games tonight, I'm sure I speak for the majority of college football fans when I say I'm ready for Saturday already.

Many have been quick to tag this weekend the best opening weekend of college football we've ever seen. You won't find an argument from me there. It's going to be an exciting weekend, without a doubt.

The question is, though, with so many on the docket, which big matchups should you watch?

No need to stress yourself out about answering that. I got you!

Please keep in mind that I've chosen these five based on the implications of the game, a relatively low spread, and our very own win probability percentages. Therefore, each of these games has at least one ranked team, a spread of 11.5 or fewer (according to Bovada), and a win probability of less than 76% for the favored team.

Here are the top five games to tune into this weekend.