Bellarmine Knights

#182 Overall 2nd in A-SUN Tournament Odds: 0%
2020-21 Season
#11 ‐ #193 Off-Def
#11 Offense
#193 Defense
#182 Overall
Team Stats
Off Rating Def Rating Pace Consistency nERD
0.789 0.432 0.425 0.484 -0.52


Offense and defense analytics refers to the percentile of that team's efficiency. A score of 99% would mean that this team's offense/defense is better than 99% of all teams. Pace refers to the speed of play, and consistency refers to the predictability of their performance (lower means more consistent). These are in percentile form as well.

nERD measures overall team efficiency. It is an estimate of a team's score differential against a league-average team on a neutral court. For example, if Duke's nERD is 12.4 and Syracuse's nERD is 6.5, we would expect Duke to win by 5.9 points on a neutral court.