Yesterday's Links: What You Missed on 3/16/15

With the NCAA Tournament starting up this week, numberFire was filled with college hoops content yesterday. Did you miss any of it?

Didn't have enough time to catch some of the content and analysis on yesterday? Don't worry -- here's what you missed.

The 5 Worst At-Large Teams in the NCAA Tournament
Everyone's stuck on UCLA, but they're actually not one of the worst five at-large teams in this year's big dance. Find out who is.

Winning Your Office Pool: The Statistical Value of Every March Madness Team
You all want to win your office pool, and the best way to do that is to find values -- teams that are perceived to be worse than they actually are -- in the tournament. Bryan Mears helps find those teams for you.

8 Players Who Will Impact the NCAA Tournament on Defense
Most fans care about the offensive side of the ball during March Madness, but don't forget about these eight guys on the other end during the dance.

Which Conference Is Best Represented in This Year's NCAA Tournament?
Based on our advanced analytics, which conference has the best representation in this year's big dance? The results may shock you a bit.

6 Potential Round of 64 Upsets in the NCAA Tournament
Everyone loves a good upset, and we're bound to see some big ones again this year. Here are six to target when filling out your bracket.

March Madness: Ranking the Most Likely 12/5 Upsets
We've seen so many 12/5 upsets in the NCAA Tournament historically -- you always have to pencil one into your bracket. But should you this year?

Can You Trust Steve Pearce to Repeat His Fantasy Baseball Success in 2015?
Steve Pearce was a pleasant surprise last season, but can you trust him to repeat his success in 2015?

Why Brandin Cooks Is the Biggest Beneficiary of the Saints' Offseason Moves
With the shuffling happening on offense in New Orleans, Brandin Cooks has an opportunity to shine in 2015.

Fantasy Hockey: Changing on the Fly, Volume 20
Need some fantasy hockey advice? You've come to the right place. Take a look at who to add and drop in this week's version of Changing on the Fly.

The 10 Best Teams Left Out of the NCAA Tournament
Of the teams not in this year's big dance, which ones are best?

Fantasy Basketball: A Dozen Dimes, Volume 20
Need some fantasy basketball advice for your league's playoffs? Let Russell Peddle help you make the best decisions in his weekly Dozen Dimes article.

What the Oakland Raiders' Offensive Moves Mean for Latavius Murray
The Raiders will be without the inefficient Darren McFadden and Maurice Jones-Drew next year, opening things up for Latavius Murray. Can he handle the load?