Use Our Tools to Dominate March Madness

Ready to crush your office pool? Make sure you take a look at our tools before you fill out your bracket.

If you're looking to win your NCAA Tournament pool, numberFire is the place for you.

We've got tools on tools on tools that utilize our advanced metrics to help you formulate and create an optimal bracket.

Here's a rundown of our suite.

Bracket Generator

With our Bracket Generator, you can set your pool's scoring settings and even mark the number of participants in your pool. Because, as you probably know, the more participants, the more gutsy you'll want to be with your calls.

The tool will account for that.

Once things are all set, you can click generate bracket, and a filled-out, customized bracket -- all based on our analytics -- will appear.

Game Simulator

The Game Simulator analyzes a matchup -- you can set the matchup, so it doesn't even have to be a real, upcoming one -- and gives you just about anything you wanted to know numbers-wise about that particular game. It's a great tool to use when thinking about who to choose in down-the-line games in the Elite Eight or Final Four.

Stage Odds

Rather than telling you a certain team will make it to a particular round, our Stage Odds page allows you to see the exact probability a team has to reach a certain round. For instance, this year, three teams have a greater than 20% chance to make it to the championship game.

Power Rankings

Our Power Rankings don't just give you a ranking of each team. Instead, we provide a more comprehensive look at each squad, including their RPI, strength of schedule, offense, defense, pace, and consistency ranking.

Game Picks

With our Game Picks, you can see who our algorithm is picking to win each game, along with picks on over/unders, how a team is projected to perform against the spread, and more.

Team Profiles

Each team has a unique profile -- with our Team Profiles, you can get the lowdown on each NCAA Tournament team, including advanced statistics and recent news items surrounding the squad.

Get Premium, Dominate Your Pool

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