8 Players Who Can Take Over the NCAA Tournament

Who has the chance to cement his name as the next legend of March?

Okay, breathe everyone.

It's now been more than 36 hours since Sunday night's big bracket reveal, and if you're like me, you haven't stopped soaking up all the information possible in order to make the perfect selections.

Sometimes, it can be a little much not only to take in that information but also to sort it by what's relevant and what's not. Lucky for you, I'm going to simplify things here.

This isn't about the snubs, the contenders or the Cinderellas. This right here boils down to just a single player from each of eight teams. The Elite Eight, if you will.

These are players who have the unique ability to take over a game, or in this case a tournament, in one way or another -- with their elite scoring, playmaking, defense, shot blocking or combination of a few.

The following players could be the Stephen Curry, Kemba Walker or Anthony Davis of this year's March of Madness.

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