4 Major Conference Teams That Are NCAA Tournament Sleeping Giants

What major conference teams are likely to make some noise in this year's tournament?

This time of year, almost everyone and their brother is looking for the mid-majors who could make a run in the NCAA tournament. That could prove very valuable in bracket challenges, but those same people tend to overlook other valuable picks when the time comes to fill out his or her bracket.

Those teams are the ones that hail from major conferences but aren't clear favorites or haven't been recognized until recently. We tend to call these teams sleeping giants.

What is a sleeping giant though?

According to Merriam-Webster, a sleeping giant is defined as "one that has great but unrealized or newly emerging power."

With that being said, here are four teams (in no particular order) that embody the sleeping giant term -- ones to keep an eye on when making your matchup selections.

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