The 5 Best Teams Left Out of the 2019 NCAA Tournament

Every year, Selection Sunday is full of fans and analysts providing their opinions on which teams they thought should've been in and out of the NCAA Tournament.

Bits and pieces of math are often used to support arguments on one side or the other, but our math here at numberFire is without bias. Our nERD metric accounts for many different factors, and in doing so, it represents the number of points we'd expect a team to win by against an average opponent on a neutral court. If a team has a nERD of, say, 14.56, we'd expect that team to beat an average one by close to 15 points. If it's -5.67, then they're a below-average team we'd expect to lose in such a matchup.

Using nERD has nothing to do with who beat whom or whose resumé looks better. It's all about team performance (or efficiency), and that alone.

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Knowing that, let's take a look at five teams who were good enough to compete in the NCAA Tournament but failed to build a strong enough resume to actually make the Dance.