The 10 Best Individual NCAA Tournament Games Since 2010

Which players have put together the best performances in recent March history?

In the hustle and bustle that is March Madness, we naturally focus on the teams the most. But we also keep track of the hottest players, college greats and NBA prospects.

This is all in more of a broad scope, though. We don't usually narrow it down to an individual's one-game performance. Among many reasons why, we haven't always had the means to sort through individual games across multiple seasons. While one player has more points, another might have more assists or shoot a better percentage from the floor. Others tally big numbers in rebounds, blocks or even steals. So how do we determine whose performance was better?

Sports Reference's Game Score statistic allows us to put these games side-by-side and note which player was more productive (for more on how this is calculated, you can go check out their glossary). The metric has been tracked since 2010, and it is placed on a scale where an average score is 10 and an outstanding performance is a score of 40.

With Game Score as our guide, let's navigate the best performances of the past eight seasons.