March Madness: Ranking the 9 Upsets From the First Weekend

Sindarius Thornwell and South Carolina shocked Duke in one of the opening week's biggest upsets. According to our numbers, where does it fall among the tourney's biggest upsets through the first weekend?

The big knock on the first round of this year's NCAA Tournament was that there were not enough upsets, but that does not mean it lacked the intrigue that is synonymous with March basketball.

Unfortunately for those who root exclusively for upsets, the early Thursday games set the tone for the rest of the round when Notre Dame, Virginia, and West Virginia were all able to avoid upsets. Mix in Florida State's escape against Florida Gulf Coast, and you got yourself a relatively chalk-y first day of the tournament.

To add to this, the upsets that did happen were either so expected that those teams were favorites or close to it, or they were pulled off by power conference teams that are not your typical Cinderella.

Then came the Round of 32 -- the high seeds started to fall and the true madness started to show itself.

Using numberFire Live, we have ranked the upsets of the first weekend of the tournament in order of projected win probability of the eventual winner before the game started. For this list, a 9 seed over an 8 seed or 5 seed over a 4 seed is not considered an upset because the teams are very closely ranked.