The 10 Best Individual College Basketball Seasons Since 1995

Can anyone top Steph Curry's sophomore season?

When thinking of the best college basketball players and individual seasons in recent history, we naturally gravitate toward the John R. Wooden Award winners. Names like Buddy Hield, Doug McDermott, Anthony Davis and J.J. Redick are among the most common ones that come to mind.

Sometimes, though, the Wooden Award winner doesn't have the best season. A lot of it is dependent upon team success, as well as individual hype.

On the flip side, numbers don't lie. And, no, we're not talking about per-game averages and shooting percentages. Advanced numbers give us a more accurate list of the best individual seasons in the last 20-plus college basketball seasons.

According to Sports Reference, since first recording win shares in 1995-96, only 10 players have tallied at least 10 win shares in a single season. For more on win shares, you can read about it here.

To rank the list from 10 to 1, we sorted the individual seasons by a player's win shares per 40 minutes of action (total win shares divided by total minutes, multiplied by 40 -- the length of a regulation game).

Let's see who falls where!