Matt Bonner returning to San Antonio

Matt Bonner will be returning to the San Antonio Spurs for his 10th season with the team.

What It Means:

Bonner has seen his role with the Spurs diminish in recent years, and it will likely be just as small after the offseason additions of LaMarcus Aldridge and David West. However, Bonner has been relatively productive given how small his role is.

Last season, he posted a decent 0.7 nERD, but he averaged only 3.7 points and 13.0 minutes per game. Bonner's 50.8% Effective Field Goal Percentage last season ranked just 112th in the league, but his 0.110 Win Shares per 48 minutes ranked 37th among qualifying players. The specialist is producing well enough in his limited role for the deal to make sense.