DeMar DeRozan Is Playing Like a Hall-of-Famer in the Playoffs, But That's Not Good for the Raptors

DeRozan's playoff efficiency marks are on par with one of the best guards of all-time, but that's not exactly helping Toronto.

Good players are rarely considered great if they flounder in the playoffs.

How many times have you heard that Kobe Bryant is better than LeBron James because of championship ring tallies?

While there's some merit to glorifying titles, we all know, deep down, they aren't the end-all measure of greatness. I mean, Adam Morrison has two NBA Championships for playing a combined 13 playoff minutes for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Still, when your name comes up in the company of a Hall-of-Famer who has six NBA Championship rings and 13 All-Star appearances, you should probably be excited.

In DeMar DeRozan's case, though, you shouldn't be.

Hall of Shame

Through 11 playoff games this season, DeRozan has attempted 218 field goals.

Among 655 players who attempted at least 200 postseason field goal attempts in a singular postseason, his Effective Field Goal Percentage (which accounts for three-pointers being worth more than two-pointers) of 33.7% ranks seventh-worst. As in 649th out of 655.

His name, though, is right up there with some hall-of-famers.

Joe Fulks1947-4826PHWBAA7.129.20.242
Don Carlson1946-4727CHSBAA4.918.20.27
Joe Fulks1946-4725PHWBAA7.425.70.288
Bob Cousy
Bob Cousy1956-5728BOSNBA6.720.70.324
Bob Cousy1958-5930BOSNBA6.520.10.326
DeMar DeRozan2015-1626TORNBA6.519.80.337
Bob Davies1950-5131ROCNBA5.616.70.338
John Havlicek1964-6524BOSNBA7.320.80.352
Bob Cousy1962-6334BOSNBA5.515.70.353
Bob Cousy1961-6233BOSNBA6.117.20.357
Woody Sauldsberry1960-6126STLNBA6.317.20.364

DeRozan is the only player with the "luxury" of the three-pointer in the bottom 12, but he's shot just 15.8% on 19 three-pointers this postseason. His raw field goal percentage of 33% still ranks seventh-worst in the 655-play subset.

He's hardly making shots from anywhere on the floor (obviously).

DeMar DeRozan Postseason

For comparison's sake, here's his shot chart from the regular season.

DeMar DeRozan Regular Season
He's struggling mightily around the rim, which is usually his bread and butter.

Getting to the Line

Perhaps the biggest issue of all for DeRozan is his struggle from the free-throw line, both in getting there and converting.

He ranked sixth among guards in Free Throw Rate (free throw attempts per field goal attempt) this season at .474. His 8.4 attempts per 36 minutes were second only to James Harden's 9.6.

In the playoffs, his Free Throw Rate is just .298, and he's converting just 73.8% of the time (compared to 85% in the regular season).

Things are off for DeRozan, but at least he's got Bob Cousy beat.

The Cooz, routinely and widely regarded as on of the best NBA point guards of all-time owned a career field goal percentage of 37.5%, quite easily the worst mark of the 63 players with 15,000 career field goal attempts. In the playoffs, he shot 34.2% on 2,016 attempts. He's the only player (of 36 to attempt 2,000 playoff field goals) with a mark worse than 40%.

At least you've got him beat, DeMar.

But you're going to need to turn things around if you want to chip away at the six NBA titles he's got.

Our algorithms give Toronto a 61.7% chance to defeat Miami and a 7.5% chance to win the Finals, better odds only than Miami.