Los Angeles Clippers Stat Monkey Brief: Clippers/Heat (2/8/13)

They may be plagued by the injury bug, but 27 points from Eric Bledsoe is a cure to all ills.

Lob City Highlight of the Night

If only DeAndre Jordan made more plays like this:

Quick Recap

It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win. The Clippers were missing Jamal Crawford, Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin, but thanks to a season high 27 points from Eric Bledsoe and a double-double from Jordan, they pulled this one out. The rest of the team didn’t go lights out: just 40.2 percent from the field and 33.3 percent from beyond the arc. It just so happened that Orlando was even colder, shooting 34.5 percent from the floor and 30.0 percent from the beyond the arc.

Quick Look Ahead

Tonight, the Clippers continue their brutal road trip by taking their talents to South Beach to face the 32-14 Miami Heat. While the Champs' season has been up and down, they do have the third-most efficient offense and are shooting a league-leading 49.0 percent from the field. They are also fourth in the league from beyond the arc with 38.1 percent. Watching that offense going up against one of the best defenses in the league should be like a second Christmas.

Unfortunately we are not going to get that treat tonight. The Clippers' best three players are all doubtful for the game. It would be great, however, if tonight is the game when everyone comes back for primetime, but that might be a pipe dream. So while the Heat would love to avenge their earlier loss this season, this is just not going to be a complete Clippers team. With that said, the Heat did lose to the Spurs when they sat all of their best players, so anything can happen.