NBA Finals Odds: LeBron James and Company Don't Have Much of a Chance

LeBron James has had an incredible playoff run, but it's likely to end without another ring.

"The 2014-15 Golden State Warriors have earned a feature chapter in NBA history, that much is certain. Let's see if it ends with their being one of the best of all time, or simply the best not to win the title."

That was from our own Russ Peddle in a March article showing just how good this Golden State Warriors team is. Now, two months later, they have a chance to do exactly what Russ was saying. They have a chance to be one of the best teams of all time.

And our numbers like their odds. Take a look below at the most likely outcomes, per our algorithm.

Golden State Warriors win in 4: 15.47%
Golden State Warriors win in 5: 26.57%
Golden State Warriors win in 6: 17.8%
Golden State Warriors win in 7: 18.92%
Golden State Warriors win series: 78.76%
Cleveland Cavaliers win in 4: 1.61%
Cleveland Cavaliers win in 5: 3.65%
Cleveland Cavaliers win in 6: 8.39%
Cleveland Cavaliers win in 7: 7.59%
Cleveland Cavaliers win series: 21.24%

Good luck LeBron. You're going to need it.