Yesterday's Links: What You Missed on 5/7/15

Why Jimmy Butler shouldn't have won MIP. Why Bryce Harper isn't overrated. That's some of what you missed yesterday on numberFire.

Didn't have enough time to catch some of the content and analysis on yesterday? Don't worry -- here's some of what you missed.

Jimmy Butler Is Great, But He Wasn't the NBA's Most Improved Player
Jimmy Butler emerged as an NBA superstar in 2015, but he shouldn't have been the NBA's Most Improved Player.

A Jack of All Trades in Dallas: How Byron Jones Helps the Cowboys
Jones is a workout warrior, but will his physical traits translate to the NFL?

Washington's Bryce Harper Is Making History
Bryce Harper is the youngest player ever to hit 3 home runs in a game.

Baseball's Most Surprising and Disappointing Teams So Far
Who are baseball's biggest surprises and disappointments over the first month of 2015?

8 NFL Veterans in Danger of Losing Their Jobs
Which NFL veterans should be fearing for their jobs after the NFL Draft?

Defensive Rebounding Has Become the Most Undervalued Defensive Skill in the NBA
Rim protection metrics are all the rage right now, but are we now undervaluing a skill like defensive rebounding?