Yesterday's Links: What You Missed on 4/8/15

The NBA playoff race is heating up, and we took a good look at it yesterday on numberFire.

Didn't have enough time to catch some of the content and analysis on yesterday? Don't worry -- here's some of what you missed.

The Fight for Home Court Advantage in the 2014-15 NBA Playoffs
While the playoff race is taking form, so is the home court advantage race. Which teams need it most?

Breaking Down 4 Players From the 2012 NFL Draft Yet to Receive a Fifth-Year Option
There are some interesting players who have yet to receive a fifth-year option who were drafted in 2012. Take a look.

Touchdown Vultures: Which Running Backs Are Posed to Avoid Them in 2015?
No one likes a touchdown vulture in fantasy football. Fortunately, these running backs may be able to avoid them in 2015.

Forget Most Improved Player of the Year: Gordon Hayward Is the Most Improved Player of the Last Half Decade
Though he may not win Most Improved Player of the Year, Gordon Hayward's improvement throughout his career has been sensational. And really underrated.

Did the Boston Red Sox Get It Right With the Rick Porcello Extension?
The Red Sox gave Rick Porcello an extension. Did they make the right choice though?

Why the Los Angeles Clippers Should Be Taken Seriously as NBA Title Contenders
Everyone's talking about the Warriors in the West. Are people sleeping on the Clippers?

Can the New Orleans Pelicans Hang onto the 8 Seed in the Western Conference?
The bottom of the West is up for grabs. Can New Orleans hold on?