The 10 Most Popular numberFire Articles From 2014

With the year coming to a close, let's look back at some of the best content the numberFire staff put together in 2014.

It was a big year for sports. We watched the Seahawks win the Super Bowl, the Spurs snag another NBA Title and Madison Bumgarner dominate the MLB playoffs. And through it all, we -- numberFire -- were here spitting out some mathematical analysis based on all of 2014's events.

To narrow the thousands of articles we wrote in 2014 to a list of 10 wasn't the easiest task in the world. But based on page views, tweets, Facebook likes and trolling in the comments section, let's take a look at the 10 most popular articles from the past 365 days.

10. 10 Undervalued Running Backs With a Ton of Fantasy Football Potential

Written By: Multiple Writers
Summary: Some of the numberFire football writers got together and provided undervalued running back choices for the 2014 season. Spoiler alert: a lot of them were correct.

9. March Madness: Ranking the Most Likely 12-5 Upsets

Written By: Bryan Mears
Summary: We all love a good 12-5 upset in the NCAA Tournament, and Bryan Mears looked at the most likely to least likely ones from 2014's big dance.

8. MLB Teams With the Best and Worst First-Round Track Records

Written By: John Stolnis
Summary: Though baseball doesn't have the most popular draft, John Stolnis analyzes the MLB teams who are good at targeting prospects in the draft's first round, and teams who have had trouble historically.

7. Is Russell Wilson the Greatest Young Quarterback Ever?

Written By: JJ Zachariason
Summary: Even after Russell Wilson's Super Bowl victory, many believed he was mostly an efficient game manager with a great supporting cast. But his numbers, through the first two years of his career, were some of the best we've ever seen from a quarterback.

6. LeBron James' 2014 Heat Teammates Were the Worst He's Had in the NBA Finals

Written By: Bryan Mears
Summary: When LeBron James doesn't win, he gets all the blame. But as Bryan Mears shows, his supporting cast in 2014 was actually the worst he's ever had in the NBA Finals -- he was still the dominant force he always is, despite losing.

5. The 6 Riskiest Players in Fantasy Football This Season

Written By: Leo Howell
Summary: Prior to the 2014 NFL season, Leo Howell looked at six players who were huge risks in fantasy football. Of course, this was highlighted by Cordarrelle Patterson, who was numberFire's most overrated player entering the season.

4. Johnny Manziel: Superstar or Bust?

Written By: Nik Bonaddio
Summary: numberFire's fearless leader used the READ algorithm to show that Johnny Manziel's potential in the NFL really wasn't as good as some thought. Manziel's top comparable? Alex Smith.

3. Why the Tony Romo Narrative Is Complete Garbage

Written By: JJ Zachariason
Summary: People say that Tony Romo isn't clutch. They claim he can't win the big game. But the truth is, he's one of the best quarterbacks the league has when under late-game pressure.

2. Why the Minnesota Vikings Should Trade Adrian Peterson

Written By: Jim Sannes
Summary: Clearly anyone could write about Adrian Peterson being traded after his suspension, but prior to the season, Jim Sannes gave statistical reasoning as to why the Vikings should have parted ways with the star running back.

1. LeBron James Is Clutch, and It's Stupid to Think Otherwise

Written By: Russell Peddle
Summary: Naturally, the top article of 2014 is about perhaps the most-talked about athlete in sports: LeBron James. In this classic, Russ Peddle breaks down why King James is indeed clutch, and why it's really not smart to think otherwise.