Need a Fantasy Basketball Alternative? Try DailyMVP.

Play FullCourt at, and while you're there, be sure to check out their hockey and football games.

Our friends at are always thinking outside the box with unique and creative daily fantasy sports games. Rather than the standard salary-driven contest that most sites offer, DailyMVP games allow you to build teams based on projections and how players outperform or underperform against them.

Let me run through an example of one of their many games to give you an idea. It's basketball season, and most of you are probably setting weekly rosters in your season-long leagues. A lot of you are playing daily fantasy basketball as well, comparing and contrasting point outputs to player salaries.

With DailyMVP's FullCourt, your fantasy basketball experience can get a whole lot better.

FullCourt allows you to play in a head-to-head, 3-entry, 5-entry or 10-entry matchup. Your goal is to select two guards, two forwards and one center who will outproduce their projected fantasy scores. After choosing the players you want to use, a Fantasy Equalizer will be applied to all participating rosters in order to, well, "equalize" the playing field.

In essence, if your team is projected to score 60 points while your other two opponents (in a three-entry game) are expected to put up 70 and 75, you'll start your match with 15 points. The 70-point projected team will then start with 5, while the 75-point projected team will begin the game with zero.

You can play for free, or enter to win a cash prize - that choice is up to you. In the end, the team who scores the most points after the Fantasy Equalizer runs wins the game.

Here’s a snapshot of how you quickly build a winning FullCourt team:

That's Not All

Like I said, FullCourt isn't the only game offers. Many of you are already wanting the fantasy football season to end after a 1-8 start, but it doesn't have to. DailyMVP offers three unique fantasy football games using the same methodology as FullCourt, just with different lineup constructions.

QBSnap, for instance, has users choose three different quarterbacks who they think will outperform their projected fantasy output. Blitz is a game DailyMVP offers with a lineup consisting of one quarterback, one running back and one wide receiver or tight end. The goal is the same - you want to choose players who outproduce their projected scores.

If you want to go with a more traditional lineup, you can do so with FullHuddle - this game features a lineup of one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, one flex, one kicker and one defense.

It doesn't even stop there. If you head on over to, you can play two hockey games as well. PowerPlay features a lineup of three forwards, two defensemen and a goalie, while HatTrick cuts that down to just one of each position. Like the other games, you want to find players who are bound to outscore their projected numbers.

Choose DailyMVP

A huge benefit to DailyMVP over other daily sites is how easy it is to get started. And you can quickly challenge friends for a cash prize game via a text, email or Twitter and Facebook invite. DailyMVP is optimized for mobile, so, wherever you are, you can set up and follow your games quickly and easily using the DailyMVP app (which you can download from the App Store℠) or the website.

Your season-long leagues can oftentimes be a drag, especially if your team isn't very competitive. With DailyMVP, that type of commitment doesn't matter - you can be competitive every single night.