Los Angeles Clippers Stat Monkey Brief: Clippers/Pistons (12/17/12)

Another gutter-ball match up for the Clippers as they head into Detroit (used to rock) city to take on the Pistons.

We've been focusing on Griffin’s and Jordan’s leaping abilities for our highlights. Today, let’s appreciate what makes Chris Paul one of the best point guards.

Quick Recap

The other night, the Clips easily extended their win streak to nine by going up 13 in the first quarter and never looking back. They shot 53.7% from the floor while holding the Bucks to only 36.1%, the lowest shooting percentage by an opponent in 13 games. To say the Clippers have been dominating the lower half of the league is an understatement. They have averaged 106.4 points per game on 48.8% shooting from the field while holding their opponents to just 91.1 points per game on 41.8% shooting. The only aspect of their game against the gutter teams that stands out as needing improvement is 3 point shooting; only 33.3% during the nine game stretch. This might be a crazy idea but maybe they could try shooting fewer 3's. The Clippers have attempted 10 more per game than the Heat while connecting on 5% fewer.

Tonight’s game

The second team in LA, but the first in our hearts, looks to extend its win streak into the double digits against another bottom of the barrel team, the 7-19 Pistons. They rank in the bottom two thirds in both offensive and defensive efficiency, 20th and 21st respectively. The Piston’s leading scorer is Greg Monroe with 15.2 PPG, while Brandon Knight is right behind him with 15.0. Neither one of them, however, really strikes fear in the hearts of his opponents with 98 and 102 offensive ratings, respectively. For comparison, Griffin and Crawford, the Clippers’ leading scorers, have ORTG's of 110 and 111 while Chris Paul’s is 125. The Clippers should have no problem wrapping up their east coast trip with another double digit win.


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