NBA FanDuel Draft Percentages: Tuesday 8/25/20

Which players were rostered the most on FanDuel's Tuesday NBA slate?

If you've played fantasy basketball over on FanDuel, then you know the importance of draft percentages, especially in larger-field tournaments. Knowing who the competition is using enables you to think with a contrarian mindset. And if your under-the-radar play ends up hitting, well, you're one step closer to a victory.

Each day, we'll be posting the previous night's draft percentages to help you see how the public was thinking. It'll let you see who the public used, which can be helpful when doing research for upcoming slates.

Let's take a look at the draft percentages for yesterday. If a player is not listed, his percentage was lower than 0.10%.

PlayerPositionSalaryFanDuel PointsDraft Percentage
Kawhi LeonardSF$10,40050.479.74%
Luka DoncicSG$11,00035.666.92%
Tim HardawaySF$5,60024.753.04%
Jamal MurrayPG$7,80066.652.58%
Paul MillsapPF$5,0008.143.59%
Trey BurkePG$4,40022.243.15%
Donovan MitchellSG$8,50038.942.47%
Joe InglesSF$4,90027.141.29%
Mike ConleyPG$6,50033.340.18%
Maxi KleberPF$4,90027.338.67%
Marcus MorrisPF$5,30027.238.48%
Paul GeorgeSG$7,50039.637.50%
Rudy GobertC$7,60028.435.59%
Jerami GrantPF$4,80022.730.65%
Monte MorrisPG$4,00012.330.28%
Lou WilliamsSG$6,20011.629.81%
Nikola JokicC$9,20045.229.43%
Royce O'NealePF$4,60024.320.62%
Jordan ClarksonSG$5,10023.620.09%
Dorian Finney-SmithSF$5,20026.219.41%
Seth CurryPG$4,8004.417.90%
Ivica ZubacC$4,60028.416.93%
Michael PorterPF$5,50026.516.88%
Boban MarjanovicC$4,20010.111.59%
Reggie JacksonPG$4,20021.110.30%
JaMychal GreenPF$3,70007.21%
Michael Kidd-GilchristSF$3,50010.55.11%
Montrezl HarrellC$4,80034.74.42%
Landry ShametPG$4,10022.34.38%
Georges NiangPF$3,50013.62.44%
Torrey CraigSG$3,70012.21.56%
Mason PlumleeC$3,6004.71.47%
Delon WrightSG$4,00021.20.67%
Justin JacksonSF$3,5005.40.33%
Juwan MorganPF$3,5005.10.33%
Kristaps PorzingisPF$9,60000.29%
Jarrell BrantleySF$3,50000.28%
J.J. BareaPG$3,50000.27%
Patrick BeverleyPG$4,30000.19%
Tony BradleyC$3,6004.20.19%
P.J. DozierSG$3,50015.30.18%
Gary HarrisSG$3,60000.18%
Emmanuel MudiayPG$3,50000.18%
Keita Bates-DiopSF$3,50000.15%
Amir CoffeyPF$3,5006.50.11%
Patrick PattersonPF$3,50013.20.10%
Bol BolC$3,80000.10%