FanDuel NBA Snake Draft Rankings for 8/26/20

With a lot of forwards and centers near the top of the projections, how does Nikola Vucevic stack up?

Fantasy sports have come a long way since their inception.

Gathering with friends and drafting the perfect team was -- and still is -- a big part of fantasy sports. But FanDuel’s daily offering did its part in changing how we play and think about a particular slate of sports games.

And guess what? They’re going back to the classics and bringing snake drafts to the forefront of the daily fantasy scene.

Each day, you can hop into a live draft and pick your six-player team against the rest of your league. No salary cap involved. Just draft.

You can read more about the strategy behind daily fantasy NBA snake drafts, but here’s a jumpstart for the upcoming slate.

Update: The NBA has postponed all three playoff games today.

Daily Fantasy Basketball Snake Draft Rankings

Here’s how numberFire’s projections rank the field in a head-to-head, three-entry, and four-entry draft. (Be sure to check the projections throughout the day for updates.)

These rankings compare each player’s projection to the replacement level of his position. In a head-to-head, no more than six guards can be drafted. So, each guard is measured against the sixth-projected guard in the head-to-head rankings.

Giannis Antetokounmpo62.0111
James Harden59.3222
Anthony Davis51.1333
LeBron James51.0444
Nikola Vucevic46.5555
Chris Paul42.4666
CJ McCollum42.1777
Jusuf Nurkic41.3888
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander35.2999
Khris Middleton34.9101010
Eric Bledsoe31.4131111
Danilo Gallinari34.0111212
Robert Covington32.2121313
Carmelo Anthony31.2131414
Steven Adams31.0151515
Brook Lopez31.0161616
Markelle Fultz28.0191717
Dennis Schroder28.0201818
Hassan Whiteside29.7171919
Evan Fournier28.7182020
Terrence Ross26.0222020
Eric Gordon27.5212222
Danuel House25.5232323
Jeff Green24.9242424
D.J. Augustin22.1252525
Gary Trent21.1292626
Danny Green19.1302727
P.J. Tucker21.7262727
Kyle Kuzma21.2272929
George Hill18.2343030

For more strategy behind daily fantasy NBA snake drafts, check out our introductory guide, and always check our projections for the most up-to-date data.