NBA Sim Sports Picks for 4/12/20 on FanDuel

During this downtime in the sports calendar, FanDuel has been innovating a lot of different ways to get some daily fantasy sports action.

One of those includes NBA Sim Sports, a format that looks pretty much identical to the usual FanDuel offering. The only twist is that the games won't be played live. Players will instead be assigned a random game from their 2019-20 season.

Matchups don't come into play, and late-scratches and other games missed by players won't come into effect. Scores roll out throughout the slate for a bit of a sweat.

It's free to enter, and there are even beginner contests. Here are some potential standout picks.

Finding Value

A rule of thumb in NBA DFS is finding certain value thresholds. For example, seeking players who can score 5.0 FanDuel points per $1,000 in salary. This is known as "five-times value" or "5x." The reason for that is if you max out your $60,000 budget and every player in your lineup scores exactly 5.0 points per $1,000, you'll total 300.0 FanDuel points. That's a good starting point.

Of course, for bigger totals, you'll want to shoot for 6x or higher, and for safety, 4x is a fine mark to uncover. What you will typically find is that the more expensive players hit 4x value often (because their roles are secure but their prices are high enough that they really need a huge game to pay off big price tags) and cheaper players hit 6x more frequently (because their bigger games are less about 50-point triple-doubles and more about a simple double-double at a cheaper price).

Value Leaders

These tables include the top-eight performers at each position based on how many times this season they had games that hit our three different value thresholds when compared to their current price for today's contests.

In parenthesis, you can see how often a player hit the given threshold. For example, Kyle Lowry returned 4x value in 75% of his games while hitting 5x value in 55% of his games.

Point Guard

PG4x Value5x Value6x Value
1Malcolm Brogdon (0.83)Malcolm Brogdon (0.63)Derrick White (0.38)
2Derrick Rose (0.8)Kyle Lowry (0.55)Seth Curry (0.37)
3Jamal Murray (0.76)Derrick White (0.54)Aaron Holiday (0.36)
4Kyle Lowry (0.75)Eric Bledsoe (0.54)Jamal Murray (0.35)
5Derrick White (0.72)Elfrid Payton (0.53)Jeff Teague (0.32)
6Luka Doncic (0.71)Derrick Rose (0.52)Brandon Knight (0.32)
7Trae Young (0.71)Luka Doncic (0.52)Malcolm Brogdon (0.31)
8Jeff Teague (0.71)Seth Curry (0.51)Elfrid Payton (0.31)

Shooting Guard

SG4x Value5x Value6x Value
1Donte DiVincenzo (0.8)Donte DiVincenzo (0.61)Gary Harris (0.39)
2James Harden (0.79)Marcus Smart (0.57)Jeremy Lamb (0.35)
3DeMar DeRozan (0.77)DeMar DeRozan (0.54)Jordan McRae (0.35)
4Khris Middleton (0.77)Jeremy Lamb (0.54)RJ Barrett (0.35)
5Fred VanVleet (0.75)Jordan McRae (0.54)Delon Wright (0.32)
6Jeremy Lamb (0.74)RJ Barrett (0.53)Norman Powell (0.32)
7Devin Booker (0.73)James Harden (0.52)Donte DiVincenzo (0.31)
8Gary Harris (0.73)Fred VanVleet (0.52)Bruce Brown (0.31)

Small Forward

SF4x Value5x Value6x Value
1Giannis Antetokounmpo (0.81)Gordon Hayward (0.62)De'Andre Hunter (0.43)
2Jaylen Brown (0.76)De'Andre Hunter (0.57)Gordon Hayward (0.38)
3Gordon Hayward (0.76)Jaylen Brown (0.54)Rudy Gay (0.38)
4Will Barton (0.76)Tim Hardaway (0.54)OG Anunoby (0.38)
5Tim Hardaway (0.76)Will Barton (0.53)Mikal Bridges (0.38)
6T.J. Warren (0.75)Rudy Gay (0.53)Danuel House (0.36)
7Luke Kennard (0.75)OG Anunoby (0.51)Luke Kennard (0.36)
8Kelly Oubre (0.73)Dorian Finney-Smith (0.5)Dorian Finney-Smith (0.34)

Power Forward

PF4x Value5x Value6x Value
1LaMarcus Aldridge (0.81)Daniel Theis (0.57)Paul Millsap (0.41)
2John Collins (0.78)Serge Ibaka (0.52)Christian Wood (0.4)
3Jayson Tatum (0.77)Paul Millsap (0.52)Frank Kaminsky (0.38)
4Domantas Sabonis (0.76)LaMarcus Aldridge (0.51)Jerami Grant (0.36)
5Robert Covington (0.76)Julius Randle (0.5)Daniel Theis (0.34)
6Daniel Theis (0.76)Blake Griffin (0.5)Dario Saric (0.34)
7Julius Randle (0.75)Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (0.5)Blake Griffin (0.33)
8Maxi Kleber (0.74)Jayson Tatum (0.48)Michael Porter (0.33)


C4x Value5x Value6x Value
1Clint Capela (0.72)Willie Cauley-Stein (0.61)P.J. Tucker (0.41)
2Mitchell Robinson (0.72)Jakob Poeltl (0.53)Jakob Poeltl (0.4)
3Marc Gasol (0.72)Clint Capela (0.51)Dwight Powell (0.38)
4Deandre Ayton (0.7)Mitchell Robinson (0.51)Aron Baynes (0.36)
5Bobby Portis (0.7)Enes Kanter (0.49)Marc Gasol (0.36)
6Myles Turner (0.69)Dwight Powell (0.48)Brook Lopez (0.33)
7Willie Cauley-Stein (0.67)Aron Baynes (0.48)Willie Cauley-Stein (0.31)
8Mason Plumlee (0.66)Marc Gasol (0.47)Enes Kanter (0.31)