How DeMarcus Cousins' Injury Impacts Each Team's Title Odds

DeMarcus Cousins could miss the rest of the playoffs with a torn quad. How does that shift the balance in the West?

When DeMarcus Cousins chose to sign with the Golden State Warriors this offseason, it felt almost like cheating. The reigning champs were getting a star reserve who would rest up for most of the regular season and fill in for a title run.

Unfortunately, Cousins may not help with an NBA Finals push after all.

The big man tore his quad while attempting to run down a loose ball in transition and will likely miss the rest of the playoffs.

The Warriors were massive favorites to win the Finals before the playoffs began, and a 31-point rally from the Los Angeles Clippers now has them tied 1-1 in their opening-round series. But what do the odds say now?

Warriors With Cousins

Cousins actually had a net negative impact on the Warriors' lineup when on the court this season. The team played 2.4 points per 100 possessions worse with Boogie than they did without him. Even if we narrow the scope to after the All-Star break, that mark was -2.3 points per 100 possessions.

In all, Cousins had a negligible impact, at best, for the Warriors in terms of efficiency. He post a nERD mark of 2.0, which indicates how many wins he'd add to an average team over an 82-game sample.

So in this sense, we shouldn't expect the impact of the Cousins injury to be too massive. Further, the player who most directly should see more run as a result is Kevon Looney. His nERD this year? 5.2. After the All-Star break, the Dubs were 3.1 points better with Looney than they were without him.

So what does it all mean?

The Numbers

According to our algorithm, the Warriors -- from a 1-1 series tie with the Clips -- had a 38.6% shot to win the NBA Finals if Cousins were healthy for the remainder of the playoffs.

With Cousins out the rest of the way, the odds drop to 34.9%. Still well ahead of the pack and nothing to worry about just yet. Here's how every team's odds shift as a result of the Boogie injury.

TeamTitle OddsNew Title OddsChange
Golden State Warriors38.6%34.9%-3.7%
Milwaukee Bucks19.9%21.9%2.0%
Toronto Raptors7.9%8.8%0.9%
Boston Celtics5.3%5.6%0.3%
Houston Rockets5.0%4.8%-0.2%
Philadelphia 76ers4.0%4.2%0.2%
Portland Trail Blazers3.8%4.1%0.3%
Utah Jazz3.3%3.3%0.0%
San Antonio Spurs3.2%2.9%-0.3%
Oklahoma City Thunder2.4%2.6%0.2%
Denver Nuggets2.2%2.2%0.0%
Indiana Pacers1.8%1.6%-0.2%
Orlando Magic1.0%1.1%0.1%
Brooklyn Nets0.7%1.0%0.3%
Los Angeles Clippers0.8%0.8%0.0%
Detroit Pistons0.3%0.2%-0.1%