3 Daily Fantasy Basketball Players to Avoid on 2/1/17

Tyson Chandler could be a landmine for the second straight game against DeAndre Jordan. Who else shouldn't be on your roster?

In daily fantasy basketball, finding players you want to roster is a lot easier than finding players to avoid.

You can find a ton of great information and research on guys you might want to include in your DFS NBA lineups, but what about guys you may want to lessen your exposure to, or even fade altogether?

Avoiding players whose matchups or situations aren't as great as they seem can often be just as important as finding the best targets. After all, it only takes one player to sink a lineup. Searching for the landmines could mean the difference from winning or losing your contests.

Tyson Chandler, C, Phoenix Suns

FanDuel Price: $5,800

Tyson Chandler was a huge landmine on Monday after getting into quick foul trouble against the Memphis Grizzlies. However, while some may be looking for a bounce back performance, I'm expecting more of the same against DeAndre Jordan and the Los Angeles Clippers tonight.

Chandler and Jordan have met 17 times in their careers, and Chandler is only averaging 10.1 points, 7.9 rebounds and 3.1 fouls in 26.2 minutes per game. His fouling got him into trouble on Monday, and that could easily happen again tonight.

In their first two meetings this season, foul trouble limited Chandler. He fouled out in 18 minutes in the first matchup and followed that up with four fouls in just under 23 minutes in the second game.

This all is concerning and isn't even bringing into account that Jordan is a good defender. He is holding players he guards to just 55.6% shooting within six feet, and he ranks just inside the top 25 in defensive real plus/minus. Considering the risk for foul trouble, too, it's a night to lay off Chandler.

Marvin Williams, PF, Charlotte Hornets

FanDuel Price: $5,100

Last week I recommended fading Marvin Williams against Draymond Green and the Golden State Warriors. Williams performed well, however, notching 28 FanDuel points with the same salary as he has tonight.

But now, the Charlotte Hornets are on the road and coming off a tough loss last night to the Portland Trail Blazers. With Williams collecting a subpar 22 FanDuel points last night against Al-Farouq Aminu, I am fading him again tonight against a better defender in Green.

Green ranks second overall in defensive real plus/minus, and withholding their last meeting, Williams is averaging just 12.7 FanDuel points in his last four games against Green dating back to their last meeting with Williams on the Utah Jazz in 2014.

Robin Lopez, C, Chicago Bulls

FanDuel Price: $4,700

Robin Lopez had a monster game against the Joel Embiid-less Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday, so inevitably, there will be some points-chasers out there for Lopez tonight. But that game was without Taj Gibson, who is planning on playing tonight. Gibson's return and the matchup against Steven Adams makes Lopez someone to avoid on a large slate.

According to NBAWowy, with Gibson off the court this season, Lopez is averaging 1.12 points per possession and 1.13 points per shot attempt. With Gibson on the court, those drop to 1.00 and 0.97, respectively.

Further, Adams is holding players he defends to just 45.2% shooting and 53.3% shooting within 10 feet. This has helped the Thunder hold opposing centers to 0.91 FanDuel points per minute, so don't chase with Ro-Lo tonight.