By the Numbers: Early Winners and Losers of the NBA Offseason

Which teams have helped and hurt themselves the most so far this summer?

NBA free agents may not be able to sign their contracts until Thursday, July 9th, but after a couple crazy weeks of free agency, the dust has began to settle for NBA teams, and rosters have taken shape.

Some teams have formed their rosters via the draft while others have done so through trades and free agency. Still others haven't done too much to solidify what was already a playoff or championship contending team.

Cleveland, for instance, just signed veteran guard and former Cav Mo Williams but that's about the only outside move general manager LeBron has made thus far. Save for the Williams deal, the Cavs have rewarded their own -- though it has come at a price -- as they gear up for a Finals run much like a year ago.

Like the Cavaliers, the Warriors have stayed relatively quiet and re-signed their ace in the deck, Draymond Green. We know these two teams are going to be factors in the fight for an NBA title this year, so they're winners. But let's be real -- you can't win something you're not really playing in.

As great as it is for these two to retain their own assets, they haven't been competing for free agents or dabbling in significant trades. That fun has come to us via championship hopefuls and franchise reboots.

Who among those teams are the winners and losers of the offseason to this point?

We're going to take a look by utilizing our nERD metric, which measures a player's total contribution to his team based on their efficiency. League average is 0 and, similar to Win Shares, the ranking is an indication of how many games below or above .500 a league-average team would be with that player as a starter.

Without further ado, here's what the numbers say.