2015 NBA Draft Lottery: Best, Worst, and Most Surprising Picks

Was Justise Winslow a steal at 10th overall? And which picks may not be good fits?

There isn’t an NBA fan who dislikes the NBA draft (except maybe Knicks fans). It’s the one night of the year when every team (except maybe the Knicks) can feel hopeful, when it feels like all the potential for greatness is sitting on the Barclays Center floor.

This year’s lottery was as full of craziness as any. From players jumping up the board and others sliding down, mock drafts got torn to shreds on Thursday night.

Karl-Anthony Towns, the well-rounded center from Kentucky, was a no-brainer for Minnesota with the first pick. After that, things got a little weird. Perhaps the biggest shocker: there were no trades in the lottery.

Which teams made the best selections, who got lucky with a player who dropped to them, and who may have blown their pick?