NBA Jam Power Rankings: Which Team Featured the Best Duo?

No, but seriously -- which NBA Jam duo, according to analytics, was actually the best?

With the NBA season in our rear-view mirror, the next few weeks will be filled with conversations about how this season's Warriors stack up with the all-time greats. Although I will touch on that towards the end of this article, I wanted to take a look back at the historical greats from a completely different perspective.

A few weeks ago there was an interesting debate that arose at numberFire HQ. As we reminisced about some of our favorite classic sports video games -- a pretty standard conversation for team numberFire -- the topic shifted to NBA Jam.

And the tone quickly shifted from jovial to argumentative, as these discussions often do.

One person proposed that the Hornets were the best team to play with, another argued the Bulls, and a third suggested it was the Jazz. After spending what felt like hours scouring the ratings and comparing players, we arrived at the same inevitable question that we at numberFire swear by: what does the math say?

So we decided to crunch the numbers from 1992-93 -- the season the game's rosters were based off of -- in order to put an end to this debate.

Here are the definitive NBA Jam power rankings as determined by our very own nERD metric.