NBA Power Rankings Update: Feeling the Magic

Aaron Gordon is putting up some scary numbers for the Orlando Magic, who are putting up some scary numbers of their own. How has Gordon's hot start impacted the Magic's nERD ranking?

If the NBA season ended today and the Finals matchup was based on the teams with the best record in their respective conference, we'd be getting ready for a battle between Memphis and Detroit.

And that was totally my prediction. While all y'all zigged with Golden State and Cleveland, I zagged with the Grizz and the Pistons. Now if only I could find written proof of said prediction...

In any event, it was a volatile week in the NBA, thus it was a volatile week in nERD, our in-house metric that predicts a team's ultimate winning percentage. (The team ranking is on a scale from 0-100, with 50 as the league average.) Upsets and blowouts galore -- most of which involved the whoda-thunk-it Orlando Magic -- did all kinds of damage to the rankings list.

Lets take a look at the nERDy ups, downs, and holds from the NBA week that was.