Ranking Larry Bird's 13 NBA Seasons

The Hall of Famer enjoyed some great seasons in his time in the NBA, but which one was his best?

Having already touched on the career of his long-time rival Magic Johnson, it seems only right to talk about all the great seasons of Larry Bird's career. After all, both of them played exactly 13 seasons and did so in the same era.

According to Basketball Reference, the two played a total of 37 games against one another, including 19 postseason meetings. After all was said and done, Magic had the advantage, with 22 wins to Bird's 15, translating to two Finals wins for Johnson's Lakers and just one for Bird's Celtics.

Those days were awesome. Two of the best going right at one another, especially on the game's biggest stage. What more could you ask for?

But how do Bird's individual seasons rate when placed side by side? And which was the best of them all?

Using win shares per 48 minutes, we'll answer those questions.