The 10 Best States for Top NBA Talent

We consider states like Indiana and North Carolina to be oozing with basketball talent. But do they make the list?

In a previous examination of the 10 best NFL players from each state, we found that quite a few of the football states are, in fact, among the best of the best in producing top NFL talent. But we also found that others weren't as true to their label.

Is that the case in the basketball world? Do our lists of the five best NBA players by state produce more truths than falsehoods in that respect? Using the combined win share totals from those lists, let's find out.

In case you're unaware of what win shares are, they're an estimate of the number of wins contributed by a player over the course of a season or even a career. This allows us to rank the top five of each individual state. These states make up the top 10, from 10 to 1.

Which state reigns supreme?