The 10 Best Players From Each NBA Team

Which players are among the best to ever suit up for your favorite team?

For each generation, we get a new wave of notable players and stars. At the same time, we watch those who came before ride off into the sunset, thanking for any part of their career we got to know and love.

The only problem with this cyclical process is we sometimes miss out on those greats who came before our time. Today's generation wouldn't know the feats of a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or Oscar Robertson. One day, new fans will be just as unfamiliar with the work of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

The great thing about today's sports culture is we have so many ways of looking back on those players -- from our home team or any other -- that we wish we could familiarize ourselves with much more. There are films, documentaries, books and the like, but we also have numbers -- and we have them in droves today.

But who are the best players on each team?

Advanced numbers like win shares allow us to figure that out. Win shares, quite simply, are an estimate of the number of wins a player contributes to his team. For more, you can read on here.

Utilizing this measure as a total over the course of a player's career with a given team, we have gathered each team's top ten players dating back to 1946-47.

Which players surprise you? Which of your hometown favorites are missing? Let's take a look.